Via Alessandro Manzoni 48, 98057 Milazzo (ME) ITALY +39 090 9284541 +39 3487278631
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Eolian Shuttle


EOLIAN Shuttle

is a collective transfer, provided for passengers that ask to make use of it, in the same day, at the same hour and with the same conditions.
The service is provided from  MARCH to OCTOBER , every day including public holidays.
You can book your transfer in connection with the time of departure or the arrival of the flight and we will take you directly to your destination.

Departures will be everyday at the following times:
from Milazzo
first departure 8.00 am
last departure 5.00 pm (also public holidays)
from Catania’s Airport 
first departure 9.00 am
last departure 7.00 pm (also public holidays)


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